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December 30, 2018

Well, friends, been so busy out on the kingdom trail servicing expressions of John 17 unity and collaboration, it has been about a year since my last post! Lots going on. Here’s my most exciting city story of 2018.

Tim Keller shares a vivid depiction of the Body of Christ in most cities: a seven foot wall separating congregational, denominational and racial expressions of the Church. “The wall needs to come down,” Keller says, “to around three feet, where we are still who we are, hold to our theological convictions, but reach over the wall to shake hands, perhaps even share a holy hug.”

Paterson, NJ is known widely as one of the more broken, dysfunctional urban environments in the US: a history of racial tension, economic exploitation, systemic division. In mid-October, 2018,  George Ordway (City Advance, Fresno, CA) and I were facilitating a third Leaders Prayer Summit for some twenty six kingdom leaders seeking to put Psalm 133 into practice, to “dwell together in unity.”  We were predominantly African-Americans, Latinos and a handful of Caucasians. In a flow of spontaneous worship, the Spirit of God broke into the room—a holy, manifest Presence unmistakable to all. Sovereign God, who dwells in high places, came to a lowly place. When the gift of this Presence quiet, we settled into a reflective silence, then de-briefed. The bottom line, “the Lord is jealous for unity of the Body of His Son in Paterson.”

That night, under the Spirit’s direction, a team of seven men and three women was set in place to steward a sustainable expression of kingdom community we had just experienced. In prayer, we commissioned this team to take the movement forward. Please pause and take a moment to pray God’s wisdom to, and protection over, this team:


The next morning, we re-visited the visitation. A Latino pastor, spoke with conviction: “Let’s lay aside these racial labels, bless one another, and be the family of families, a healthy Body of Christ that releases blessing into our broken city. Let’s have a welcoming spirit, inviting one another into our hearts and homes.”

So, John Algera (second from right) who just retired pastoring a Church in Paterson for 40 years, has stepped into a new role of shepherding the shepherds of Paterson. In mid-December, John invited this new team, with their spouses, to share a meal together. Everyone showed up…100%. These brothers and sisters are seeking to simply walk in this “welcoming spirit,” keep praying, and seeking the Lord for strategies to bring kingdom impact to Paterson and the surrounding region. There will be challenges and obstacles. But here’s a core truth that sustains: when God’s people purpose to “come together in unity,” the Lord “commands His blessing,” pours out favor, and kingdom life springs up in surprising ways. Stay tuned! Paterson is in process becoming a different place!

“100 Cities Summit,” Washington DC, Nov 26-29

Under the visionary leadership of Dr Mac Pier (Movement Day), I’ve had the high privilege serving as Coordinator of the Global Cities Leadership Community, leading a monthly internet meeting with around 30 leaders of leaders of citywide movements worldwide. This past November, around 400 leaders of city movements from every continent were hosted by the Museum of the Bible (The Green family, the Hobby Lobby folks) for a consultation, learning how God’s Spirit is moving through a unified, healthy Body of Christ to reach cities with the message of the gospel. Here’s a shot of a few delegates at the front door of the museum (a must-do full day your next time in DC!)


Looking forward to our early 2019 kingdom assignments, speaking at Capitalize in Ottawa, Jan 17-19 (consultation for city movements across Canada), leading Prayer Summits and consultations in 8 cities across India Feb 8-March 9, then March 11-18 for Movement Day Dubai, and another face-to-face with our Global Cities Leadership Community core.

Thanks for your interest! If you don’t have one, pick up a copy of my book at Amazon, or write me at, $10 plus shipping.

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