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From Tribe to Tribes…

July 9, 2015
First, take a look at two fresh, brief video pieces, a promo piece for the City Advance (the leadership learning community model I designed and developed)  Click here
And another piece, where I share some stories of John 17 communities emerging on the global scene. Click here
It’s common in millenial culture to talk about “finding your tribe,” others of like passion and purpose: vocational colleagues, sports enthusiasts, fishing buddies, foodies, political junkies, etc. Here’s my tribe: members of the Global Cities Learning Community,meeting this past April in Pretoria, South Africa to build deeper relationship, envision and plan an international consultation of leaders of city gospel movements in New York, October 2016.
 Pretoria Group Exercise
We share a common aim: to moblize a unified, praying Body of Christ to more effectively partner with Holy Spirit to increase the number of Jesus followers in a local community.
Some of you have tracked with Frontline since our inception in 1983 (the “spiritual warfare” era), others since 1990 (the “Prayer Summit” era). More recently, our calling has centered on catalyzing John 17 and Ephesians 4 communities in cities and nations. Thus, I am now serving as Coordinator for the GCLC, parterning with the New York City Leadership Center planning Movement Day Global Cities in October, 2016. Our site was just launched: Movement Day Global Cities  Check it out! If you or a colleague in your city is keen to participate in this Fall’s Movement Day in New York, here’s info for that: Movement Day 2015. Kevin Palau and I are co-leading the Gospel Movements Track in the afternoon, featuring the city movements in Kansas City (an established, maturing movement), and Spartanburg, SC (emerging).
Big events inspire, connect and energize. But they come and go. My dream, now becoming reality, is to help envision, plan and facilitate regional consultations of city movement leaders: like here in Oregon (Nov 30-Dec 1), greater Seattle (Oct 20-21), California (Feb 10-12) and India (Feb 16-18). Coming out of New York, I see the City Advance format I’ve spent 6 years developing happening across Africa, Asia, the South Pacific, Central and South America. In short, mobilizing a healthy, united Body of Christ to partner in seeing greater numbers of people transformed by the power of the gospel.
I’m excited about what my “tribe” is up to. Take a good, long look, and take a moment to ask Holy Spirit to bless, protect and anoint the GCLC as we seek to catalyze John 17 communities worldwide.
pretoria group pic
I’ll be at this vision “full on” for the next 3 to 5 years…and beyond, as the Lord wills and enables. Partnering with Holy Spirit to build modern-day Antiochs and Thessalonicas, “cities of refuge,” places to which people are drawn, places where disciples are trained and equipped, places from which servants are sent to reach and disciple “every tribe, tongue and nation.”
If this vision resonates with your heart, continue to partner with us in prayer, and participate financially. I love serving as consultant and catalyst for city movements, both emerging and existing. If I can be of help to your city, let’s talk! And if you don’t yet have a copy of The Practitioner’s Guide: Building City Gospel Movements, you can order one from me direct, or through Amazon.

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