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Inter-generational partnering…it’s happening!

February 25, 2015

In a day of constantly breaking bad news, here’s some encouraging news. In communities worldwide, existing kingdom leaders are partnering with emerging leaders to grow God’s kingdom through citywide collaboration. I’ve been describing this as “parallel wineskins,” making room for new wine and new ways, while allowing old wineskins to stay around awhile.

Partnering with host George Ordway (Communities, Inc, Fresno), I was both a facilitator and presenter at the first-ever California City Advance last week in Fresno. Here’s a look at these amazing new wineskins, young leaders in Fresno passionate about Christ-centered civic engagement.

Millenials in Fresno

Just a few snippets on what these leaders shared:

  • existing leaders are providing “on ramps” for young leaders to engage serving the needs of their city
  • “City Summit,” an annual gathering of around 400 gen-ex and millenial leaders focusing on how to impact their cities
  • practicing the spiritual disciplines in the context of diverse biblical community (“life change only happens in community & accountability”)

We also had some of the best existing city-reaching practitioners on Paul Cedarhand: Paul Cedar, CEO of the Mission America Coalition, and evangelical statesman, with a word in season: “Don’t forget the gospel” as we actively engage meeting the felt needs of people in our cities. Our good deeds also serve to open the doors of people’s hearts to hear and receive the good news.

Phill Butler

And Phill Butler (Vision Synergy, author, Well Connected), a master practitioner/teacher on the how-to’s of building sustainable partnerships, brought the “nuts and bolts” on what it really takes to walk and work together with vastly different gender, generational, theological and ethnic grids.

This “City Advance” consultation and format is one major, current investment. Another is my involvement over the next two years helping to coordinate the growth of an international network of city movement practitioners, the Global Cities Leadership Community (“GCLC”), men and women committed to building a sustainable John 17 “witness of oneness” in their communities. From my perspective, it’s a privilege to be available to counsel and assist these leaders as they engage citywide collaboration in such cities as Berlin, Budapest, Mumbai, Manila, Nairobi, Oslo, Dubai, Jakarta, etc.

GLOBAL VISION, FINANCIAL NEED. My role in this requires me over the next 18 months to meet face-to-face with groups of these leaders, building relationship, discerning their challenges and learning how Holy Spirit is moving in their unique cultural context. Over this period, we need $5000 to cover added travel costs. If this vision stirs you, please consider a strategic and timely investment in Frontline.

Our short-term goal: gathering 4000-5000 leaders in New York City October 24-28, 2016, to receive biblical exposition from the likes of Tim Keller and Bill Hybels, to present city movement models and share best practices. Long-term: our vision is to establish on-going leadership learning centers in 12 geographic hubs worldwide, to further resource sustainable, fruit-bearing city gospel movements. Here’s the prototype: April 20-24, I will help facilitate some 50 GCLC leaders getting exposure to the “Doxa Deo” movement model in Pretoria, South Africa. We’ll also participate in the first-ever “City Changers” consultation for cities all across South Africa…a virtual learning laboratory.

So, yes….I’m greatly encouraged and energized these days!

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