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Going Global with City Gospel Movements

July 5, 2014

Unmistakeably, the Holy Spirit is stirring the hearts of God’s people worldwide–across theological, racial and generational barriers–to worship, walk and work together, and display a “witness of oneness” (John 17:21-23) to cultures that are broken and fragmented.

In early May, I had the joy of speaking in London at “Gather,” an annual consultation of city movement practitioners from around the UK. There are now over 100 cities of diverse size where the Body of Christ is coming together to intentionally serve and bless their local community. I was inspired listening to Lloyd. He shared that in 2001, the London Times designated Stoke-on-Trent as one of the the worst places to live in England. The collective Church made this observation: “it’s not the quantify of darkness that matters here, but rather the quality of the light.” In twelve years, the quality of life in Stoke-on-Trent has changed in dramatic, measurable ways.

Tom Teaching @ MAF

I brought encouragement to my fellow fanatical city-reachers by sharing stories from healthy citywide movements in North America, India and Eastern Europe. Last June, in Bangalore, INDIA, I was involved in launching the Global Cities Leadership Community (GCLC), a mix of practitioners and educators committed to this mission: Helping catalyze, celebrate and accelerate sustainable city gospel movements worldwide. Under the leadership of Dr. Mac Pier (New York City Leadership Center, and Director of Movement Day (, I serve as the coordinator of this global community, which we are now expanding. We are praying and planning towards a “Global Cities Movement Day” in the Fall of 2016. This is on track with my passion and call to catalyze sustainable, fruit-bearing John 17 communities worldwide. This is under the banner of the “Lausanne Movement,” well renowned for this vision: “The whole church taking the whole gospel to the whole city.” Mac is the Lausanne Senior Leader working specifically with city movements.

On the Horizon ~~ Ministry in Australia, Aug 18-Sept 8

Ian Shelton, pastor in Toowoomba, Australia, has faithfully promoted unity and collaboration in Christ’s Body since the mid 1970’s. A longstanding friend and colleague, Ian has opened a door for me to introduce my book and speak in ten cities around the nation (The Practitioner’s Guide: Building City Gospel Movements). I’m eager to get on-site “down under,” release the vision and wisdom the Lord has imparted to me, and also to observe, listen, learn and receive from what the Spirit is doing in this great nation. As a very secular, productive and fun-loving nation, Australia desperately needs spiritual awakening. In London, I was privileged to envision and pray into this visit with Ian and Pastor Rick Prosser.

Tom with AUS Ldrs

Terri and I would greatly appreciate your agreement with us in prayer, asking and believing the Spirit to bring Jesus’ Body into increased health and collaboration in the cities of Australia. If you wish to keep more current with my itinerary, sign up to receive the CONNECTION, Frontline’s monthly e-bulletin. Email, with “CONNECTION” in the subject line.

Thanks for your interest, intercession and investment in our calling.

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