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Serving the Worldwide Body of Christ through:

  • Facilitation of Leadership Encounters, extended times in the presence of God, lasting from one to three days.
  • Conference speaking on Building Unity and Collaboration in Your City, Listening Prayer, and Discerning and Dealing with Spiritual Warfare.
  • Coaching leadership teams in cities where leaders are intentional building authentic relationships, praying together regularly, and collaborating to release sustained, measurable kingdom impact on the city.

NxtGen Leading City Movements

January 6, 2020

Friend of Frontline,

Been a lot of space and long silence since making an entry. I’m BACK...with lots going on. I’m moving forward full tilt in the City Advance lane, facilitating Prayer Summits for leaders, hosting City Advance Consultations and coaching numerous citywide movements of John 17 unity and collaboration (see City Advance ).

What’s new: leaders under 35 catching a vision for a united, healthy Body of Christ working together to do good deeds, and share the good news of the gospel. Lizzie Burke, on staff with the Luis Palau Association and serving on the planning team of the Pacific NW City Advance had a fresh idea for our 20th annual PNW-CA: “Let’s do a ‘PRE’ consultation for leaders under 35.” It rocked, with 30+ showing up Monday morning, Dec 2 in Eugene to get their minds and hearts around “city gospel movements.”


What a joy walking and working with fresh ideas, innovation and energy!

With over 35 trips to South Asia since 2003, this region has become my chief global vineyard. End of Sept Frontline Board Chair Bill Berry and I led a National Prayer Summit Consultation with some 80 leaders from 25 cities across India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Emerging from this was SALT, the South Asia Leadership Team, around 15 leaders from these 5 nations. Our aim: train and mobilize these leaders to do Summits, CA Consultations and coach city movements. Bill and I are helping bring the SALT leaders to Dubai in March for Movement Day UAE, and to “MDX” (Movement Day Ten) in New York next September.

A shot of Bill and I commissioning members of this team in September:


Grateful for your interest, intercessory support and investment.

If you’ve never read it, order a copy or two of my classic book, The Practitioner’s Guide: Building City Gospel Movements. Can ship for $12 plus postage. Zing me an email:

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December 30, 2018

Well, friends, been so busy out on the kingdom trail servicing expressions of John 17 unity and collaboration, it has been about a year since my last post! Lots going on. Here’s my most exciting city story of 2018.

Tim Keller shares a vivid depiction of the Body of Christ in most cities: a seven foot wall separating congregational, denominational and racial expressions of the Church. “The wall needs to come down,” Keller says, “to around three feet, where we are still who we are, hold to our theological convictions, but reach over the wall to shake hands, perhaps even share a holy hug.”

Paterson, NJ is known widely as one of the more broken, dysfunctional urban environments in the US: a history of racial tension, economic exploitation, systemic division. In mid-October, 2018,  George Ordway (City Advance, Fresno, CA) and I were facilitating a third Leaders Prayer Summit for some twenty six kingdom leaders seeking to put Psalm 133 into practice, to “dwell together in unity.”  We were predominantly African-Americans, Latinos and a handful of Caucasians. In a flow of spontaneous worship, the Spirit of God broke into the room—a holy, manifest Presence unmistakable to all. Sovereign God, who dwells in high places, came to a lowly place. When the gift of this Presence quiet, we settled into a reflective silence, then de-briefed. The bottom line, “the Lord is jealous for unity of the Body of His Son in Paterson.”

That night, under the Spirit’s direction, a team of seven men and three women was set in place to steward a sustainable expression of kingdom community we had just experienced. In prayer, we commissioned this team to take the movement forward. Please pause and take a moment to pray God’s wisdom to, and protection over, this team:


The next morning, we re-visited the visitation. A Latino pastor, spoke with conviction: “Let’s lay aside these racial labels, bless one another, and be the family of families, a healthy Body of Christ that releases blessing into our broken city. Let’s have a welcoming spirit, inviting one another into our hearts and homes.”

So, John Algera (second from right) who just retired pastoring a Church in Paterson for 40 years, has stepped into a new role of shepherding the shepherds of Paterson. In mid-December, John invited this new team, with their spouses, to share a meal together. Everyone showed up…100%. These brothers and sisters are seeking to simply walk in this “welcoming spirit,” keep praying, and seeking the Lord for strategies to bring kingdom impact to Paterson and the surrounding region. There will be challenges and obstacles. But here’s a core truth that sustains: when God’s people purpose to “come together in unity,” the Lord “commands His blessing,” pours out favor, and kingdom life springs up in surprising ways. Stay tuned! Paterson is in process becoming a different place!

“100 Cities Summit,” Washington DC, Nov 26-29

Under the visionary leadership of Dr Mac Pier (Movement Day), I’ve had the high privilege serving as Coordinator of the Global Cities Leadership Community, leading a monthly internet meeting with around 30 leaders of leaders of citywide movements worldwide. This past November, around 400 leaders of city movements from every continent were hosted by the Museum of the Bible (The Green family, the Hobby Lobby folks) for a consultation, learning how God’s Spirit is moving through a unified, healthy Body of Christ to reach cities with the message of the gospel. Here’s a shot of a few delegates at the front door of the museum (a must-do full day your next time in DC!)


Looking forward to our early 2019 kingdom assignments, speaking at Capitalize in Ottawa, Jan 17-19 (consultation for city movements across Canada), leading Prayer Summits and consultations in 8 cities across India Feb 8-March 9, then March 11-18 for Movement Day Dubai, and another face-to-face with our Global Cities Leadership Community core.

Thanks for your interest! If you don’t have one, pick up a copy of my book at Amazon, or write me at, $10 plus shipping.

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City Gospel Movements Flourishing

June 13, 2017

Mid-2017, as a veteran pioneer/practitioner of citywide movements of unity, prayer and kingdom collaboration, I’m convinced we’re seeing a sovereign, worldwide move of God’s Spirit bringing the Body of Jesus together in authentic John 17 unity in city after city. Some 15 years back, I recall a kitchen conversation with my wife: “Before my active ministry ends, I just want to see a few functional models of a healthy Ephesians 4 Body of Christ up and running across a local community.” Well, we now have hundreds of “city gospel movements” of all sizes and cultural complexity across the US, and many more emerging worldwide.

A recent, tangible cause for encouragement: a breakthrough for persevering kingdom leaders in Paterson, NJ. Regarded as one of the most “challenged urban environments” in the US, Paterson has a painful narrative of social injustice, racial tension, and economic disparity. Invited by colleague George Ordway to facilitate a Leaders Prayer Summit this past May 1 and 2, I invited a courageous cadre of mostly African American and Latino leaders into Psalm 133: “What a beautiful thing it is when brothers dwell (“do life”) together.” I declared them “off duty, and on Shabbat.” Well…in a session focused on praying for their city, the Spirit of God broke in, stirring up confession of mistrust, speaking of forgiveness, blessing and building one another up. There was a palpable, supernatural shifting of the atmosphere in the room. I’d call it “hope,” a fresh gift from God, a quickening of faith that a united, praying, caring group of kingdom-minded leaders could be a corporate conduit for transformational change in Paterson. Here’s a visual:


On day 2 of the Summit, I heard many comment, “We’ve been praying for a breakthrough like this for 25 years.” I celebrate with these faithful colleagues an “only God” experience. George and I are booked in for a second Summit in October, with a wider invitation list of 50-60.


Another cause for encouragement. This past May, in Estes Park, CO, I met for a third time with six other men, fellow pioneers of the city movement wineskin, to explore how we might better serve leaders of these emerging citywide expressions. Our aim was to deepen relational and professional trust, collaborate on a high level, offering our skills and services to men and women called to catalyze and lead John 17 expressions in their communities. Admittedly, this “gang of 7” are white males, but we had with us in Colorado African American and women leaders of national profile, who will be invited to join our team. Here’s the “city gospel movement gang!”

CGMTeam Pic copy

August 23 I head back to India for a three week, full-tilt itinerary leading Prayer Summits, casting vision for city movements, consulting with city leadership teams. I’m working with the South Asia City Advance team on a bold vision to see 250 healthy city movements up and running by 2022.


If you’d like to stay better connected to this movement, send an email to, with CONNECTION in the subject line. And consider picking up a copy of my recent book, The Practitioner’s Guide: Building City Gospel Movements (available at Amazon).

CITY ADVANCE ~~ state-of-the-art leadership learning community

September 10, 2016

Connecting, equipping and coaching leaders of collaborative city movements to advance the gospel, resulting in measurable societal change.


What a joy discovering leaders of like kingdom “dna” and common calling, and partnering. From the left above, George Ordway, Sam Estes (Communities, INC) and I are launching City Advance, offering leaders of city movements worldwide four services that are “in season:” 1) Leaders Prayer Summits, 2) Coaching & Consulting for movements both emerging and existing, 3) the City Advance Conference, a 1 or 2 day regional consultation for leaders of “CGM’s” (city gospel movements), and 4) a proven model for a Community Task Force that catalyzes cross-sector collaboration~~people of faith partnering with people of good will for the overall good of their community.

Check us out: City Advance

We’re also well connected to a national alliance of like-hearted organizations working to more effectively serve city movements, e.g., Luis Palau Association, Cru City, Movement Day and the Mission America Coalition. At Movement Day Global Cities in New York October 24-28, we’ll have opportunity to share the City Advance resources with leaders of city movements from all across North America,  and over 75 nations. This will be Frontline’s cutting-edge engagement for the next 3-5 years. We’re also planning for a second India City Advance for some 30 city movements in Mumbai Feb 8 & 9. City Advance is “going global!”

Here’s what a City Advance Conference looks like:


A final “pitch.” My book is still hot and helping practitioners of city movements worldwide: The Practitioner’s Guide: Building City Gospel Movements. You can order these direct via email,, or at Amazon. This is the most practical tool in its genre:

PG Cover (Final) copy

Here’s my prayer for your community:

“May the Lord make your love increase and overflow

for each other and for everyone else,

just as he does for you.”

1 Thess 3:12



From Tribe to Tribes…

July 9, 2015
First, take a look at two fresh, brief video pieces, a promo piece for the City Advance (the leadership learning community model I designed and developed)  Click here
And another piece, where I share some stories of John 17 communities emerging on the global scene. Click here
It’s common in millenial culture to talk about “finding your tribe,” others of like passion and purpose: vocational colleagues, sports enthusiasts, fishing buddies, foodies, political junkies, etc. Here’s my tribe: members of the Global Cities Learning Community,meeting this past April in Pretoria, South Africa to build deeper relationship, envision and plan an international consultation of leaders of city gospel movements in New York, October 2016.
 Pretoria Group Exercise
We share a common aim: to moblize a unified, praying Body of Christ to more effectively partner with Holy Spirit to increase the number of Jesus followers in a local community.
Some of you have tracked with Frontline since our inception in 1983 (the “spiritual warfare” era), others since 1990 (the “Prayer Summit” era). More recently, our calling has centered on catalyzing John 17 and Ephesians 4 communities in cities and nations. Thus, I am now serving as Coordinator for the GCLC, parterning with the New York City Leadership Center planning Movement Day Global Cities in October, 2016. Our site was just launched: Movement Day Global Cities  Check it out! If you or a colleague in your city is keen to participate in this Fall’s Movement Day in New York, here’s info for that: Movement Day 2015. Kevin Palau and I are co-leading the Gospel Movements Track in the afternoon, featuring the city movements in Kansas City (an established, maturing movement), and Spartanburg, SC (emerging).
Big events inspire, connect and energize. But they come and go. My dream, now becoming reality, is to help envision, plan and facilitate regional consultations of city movement leaders: like here in Oregon (Nov 30-Dec 1), greater Seattle (Oct 20-21), California (Feb 10-12) and India (Feb 16-18). Coming out of New York, I see the City Advance format I’ve spent 6 years developing happening across Africa, Asia, the South Pacific, Central and South America. In short, mobilizing a healthy, united Body of Christ to partner in seeing greater numbers of people transformed by the power of the gospel.
I’m excited about what my “tribe” is up to. Take a good, long look, and take a moment to ask Holy Spirit to bless, protect and anoint the GCLC as we seek to catalyze John 17 communities worldwide.
pretoria group pic
I’ll be at this vision “full on” for the next 3 to 5 years…and beyond, as the Lord wills and enables. Partnering with Holy Spirit to build modern-day Antiochs and Thessalonicas, “cities of refuge,” places to which people are drawn, places where disciples are trained and equipped, places from which servants are sent to reach and disciple “every tribe, tongue and nation.”
If this vision resonates with your heart, continue to partner with us in prayer, and participate financially. I love serving as consultant and catalyst for city movements, both emerging and existing. If I can be of help to your city, let’s talk! And if you don’t yet have a copy of The Practitioner’s Guide: Building City Gospel Movements, you can order one from me direct, or through Amazon.

Inter-generational partnering…it’s happening!

February 25, 2015

In a day of constantly breaking bad news, here’s some encouraging news. In communities worldwide, existing kingdom leaders are partnering with emerging leaders to grow God’s kingdom through citywide collaboration. I’ve been describing this as “parallel wineskins,” making room for new wine and new ways, while allowing old wineskins to stay around awhile.

Partnering with host George Ordway (Communities, Inc, Fresno), I was both a facilitator and presenter at the first-ever California City Advance last week in Fresno. Here’s a look at these amazing new wineskins, young leaders in Fresno passionate about Christ-centered civic engagement.

Millenials in Fresno

Just a few snippets on what these leaders shared:

  • existing leaders are providing “on ramps” for young leaders to engage serving the needs of their city
  • “City Summit,” an annual gathering of around 400 gen-ex and millenial leaders focusing on how to impact their cities
  • practicing the spiritual disciplines in the context of diverse biblical community (“life change only happens in community & accountability”)

We also had some of the best existing city-reaching practitioners on Paul Cedarhand: Paul Cedar, CEO of the Mission America Coalition, and evangelical statesman, with a word in season: “Don’t forget the gospel” as we actively engage meeting the felt needs of people in our cities. Our good deeds also serve to open the doors of people’s hearts to hear and receive the good news.

Phill Butler

And Phill Butler (Vision Synergy, author, Well Connected), a master practitioner/teacher on the how-to’s of building sustainable partnerships, brought the “nuts and bolts” on what it really takes to walk and work together with vastly different gender, generational, theological and ethnic grids.

This “City Advance” consultation and format is one major, current investment. Another is my involvement over the next two years helping to coordinate the growth of an international network of city movement practitioners, the Global Cities Leadership Community (“GCLC”), men and women committed to building a sustainable John 17 “witness of oneness” in their communities. From my perspective, it’s a privilege to be available to counsel and assist these leaders as they engage citywide collaboration in such cities as Berlin, Budapest, Mumbai, Manila, Nairobi, Oslo, Dubai, Jakarta, etc.

GLOBAL VISION, FINANCIAL NEED. My role in this requires me over the next 18 months to meet face-to-face with groups of these leaders, building relationship, discerning their challenges and learning how Holy Spirit is moving in their unique cultural context. Over this period, we need $5000 to cover added travel costs. If this vision stirs you, please consider a strategic and timely investment in Frontline.

Our short-term goal: gathering 4000-5000 leaders in New York City October 24-28, 2016, to receive biblical exposition from the likes of Tim Keller and Bill Hybels, to present city movement models and share best practices. Long-term: our vision is to establish on-going leadership learning centers in 12 geographic hubs worldwide, to further resource sustainable, fruit-bearing city gospel movements. Here’s the prototype: April 20-24, I will help facilitate some 50 GCLC leaders getting exposure to the “Doxa Deo” movement model in Pretoria, South Africa. We’ll also participate in the first-ever “City Changers” consultation for cities all across South Africa…a virtual learning laboratory.

So, yes….I’m greatly encouraged and energized these days!

The Practitioner’s Guide: Building City Gospel Movements, now avail. @ Amazon

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“Down Under” to the “Big Apple”

October 28, 2014

So, it’s been quite a ride in my world since mid-summer. At the invitation of Ian Shelton, longtime friend and colleague from Toowoomba, I cast vision for growing transformational movements in 12 cities in Australia, Aug 18-Sept 9. The surprise? Stepping into an early morning fellowship of some 40 men and women in Hobart, Tazmania, alive with God’s presence. My message brought confirmation and clarity to their journey together with the “city church.” Most encouraging? Sharing with a group of leaders in Canberra called the “shakers” a challenge to pray weekly for kingdom advance in their city. The Anglican Bishop was first to respond, “When do we start? I’m all IN!” The most fun? Speaking at the first-ever Mayor’s Banquet in Toowoomba on the topic, “People of faith partnering with people of good will, for the good of the city.” So, here’s a shot of me presenting to leaders in Canberra:

Tom, Canberra, John 17

Last week was “full on” in new York City, facilitating the fifth annual City Advance leaders learning community with colleagues Glenn Barth (GoodCities) and George Ordway (Communities, Inc). With 70 delegates from around 20 city movements, we focused on three core principles: 1) Cross sector collaboration, 2) Building a sustainable culture of honor, and 3) People of faith partnering with people of good will. Our most fun exercise: the four different cultures of pastors, para-church, marketplace and prayer mobilizers interacting honestly, asking of one another, what do you most appreciate about _________? What frustrates you most about _________? What counsel would you share with ___________? The room was rather, shall we say, “alive!”

City Advance has already gone regional: our aim is to make this learning experience affordable, accessible and contextual. We gather in Portland, OR Dec 1 & 2 at the Luis Palau Association (PNW-City Impact Roundtable), and Feb 11-13 in Fresno, for the first-ever all California Regional City Advance. If interested in either, email me for details.

City Advance Team 2014

Recently, my wife Terri and me watched the video series, “Living in Christ’s Presence,” with Dallas Willard and John Ortberg, filmed several months before Dallas passed. Here’s a quotation that ignited a fresh vision for city movements:

“When serious followers of Jesus in any particular city become more consciously aware of one another,

and intentional about connecting and learning from one another what they are learning

from Jesus…you have the makings of authentic spiritual awakening.”

Friends, that’s what I hunger for in my own city. That what I long to see happen in any city where I’m engaged. A healthy, citywide Body of Christ advancing God’s kingdom on their knees, humbled at the foot of the Cross.

Going Global with City Gospel Movements

July 5, 2014

Unmistakeably, the Holy Spirit is stirring the hearts of God’s people worldwide–across theological, racial and generational barriers–to worship, walk and work together, and display a “witness of oneness” (John 17:21-23) to cultures that are broken and fragmented.

In early May, I had the joy of speaking in London at “Gather,” an annual consultation of city movement practitioners from around the UK. There are now over 100 cities of diverse size where the Body of Christ is coming together to intentionally serve and bless their local community. I was inspired listening to Lloyd. He shared that in 2001, the London Times designated Stoke-on-Trent as one of the the worst places to live in England. The collective Church made this observation: “it’s not the quantify of darkness that matters here, but rather the quality of the light.” In twelve years, the quality of life in Stoke-on-Trent has changed in dramatic, measurable ways.

Tom Teaching @ MAF

I brought encouragement to my fellow fanatical city-reachers by sharing stories from healthy citywide movements in North America, India and Eastern Europe. Last June, in Bangalore, INDIA, I was involved in launching the Global Cities Leadership Community (GCLC), a mix of practitioners and educators committed to this mission: Helping catalyze, celebrate and accelerate sustainable city gospel movements worldwide. Under the leadership of Dr. Mac Pier (New York City Leadership Center, and Director of Movement Day (, I serve as the coordinator of this global community, which we are now expanding. We are praying and planning towards a “Global Cities Movement Day” in the Fall of 2016. This is on track with my passion and call to catalyze sustainable, fruit-bearing John 17 communities worldwide. This is under the banner of the “Lausanne Movement,” well renowned for this vision: “The whole church taking the whole gospel to the whole city.” Mac is the Lausanne Senior Leader working specifically with city movements.

On the Horizon ~~ Ministry in Australia, Aug 18-Sept 8

Ian Shelton, pastor in Toowoomba, Australia, has faithfully promoted unity and collaboration in Christ’s Body since the mid 1970’s. A longstanding friend and colleague, Ian has opened a door for me to introduce my book and speak in ten cities around the nation (The Practitioner’s Guide: Building City Gospel Movements). I’m eager to get on-site “down under,” release the vision and wisdom the Lord has imparted to me, and also to observe, listen, learn and receive from what the Spirit is doing in this great nation. As a very secular, productive and fun-loving nation, Australia desperately needs spiritual awakening. In London, I was privileged to envision and pray into this visit with Ian and Pastor Rick Prosser.

Tom with AUS Ldrs

Terri and I would greatly appreciate your agreement with us in prayer, asking and believing the Spirit to bring Jesus’ Body into increased health and collaboration in the cities of Australia. If you wish to keep more current with my itinerary, sign up to receive the CONNECTION, Frontline’s monthly e-bulletin. Email, with “CONNECTION” in the subject line.

Thanks for your interest, intercession and investment in our calling.

“Think Globally…Act Locally”

February 24, 2014

As we press into 2014, the city gospel movement worldwide is strong “on the radar!” What was once inspired vision, is now reality in numerous communities of Jesus followers. Increasingly, it’s my joy to connect and consult meaningfully with innovative leaders of such movements, such as Sacramento in mid-January, pictured below:


Globally…I serve on the Leadership Cabinet for “Movement Day,” an annual gathering of city practitioners in New York. Also, I coordinate a monthly internet meeting of leaders at point in such cities as London, Berlin, Pretoria, Manila, San Paulo, Beijing and Budapest. We’re sharing what the Spirit is doing in our communities, comparing models, encouraging and praying for one another. What a joy to discover and learn from others building John 17 kingdom communities.

But while this is a global phenomenon, the movement must become real locally. In my home state of Oregon, we just had the 24th annual Leaders Prayer Summits for both Lane County (Eugene & Springfield), and “Church of the Valley” (Corvallis area). We continue to simply watch for what the Spirit of God is touching, and join him. This past December, our “COV~Corvallis” team came away with fresh vision from our Pacific NW City Impact Roundtable in Portland (12th annual gathering of cities from Oregon, Washington and Idaho).

Corvallis Team @ PNW-CIR

Here are a few of Terri’s and my friends at the December Roundtable, longtime colleagues in our community co-laboring to see the big kingdom picture globally, obey the word of the Lord, and apply his will locally.

I’m getting great response to my recent book, The Practitioner’s Guide: Building City Gospel Movements, a helpful, practical “toolkit” for city or regional movement leadership teams, featured in my December blog. You can order copies direct from me: 1 for $15, 2 for $28 and $12 each for orders over 5, shipped. Simply send me your order via email (, give me your shipping address, pay through the paypal link, or I can invoice you.

So, city-reaching friend…keep thinking globally, and apply what you learn locally.

John 17 Kingdom Communities Growing

December 13, 2013

Abilene, West Texas, a city gospel movement on a growing edge. Working with kingdom leaders in Abilene has been fruitful…and fun! Stan, the man in the middle, is the Chief of Police, serves on the citywide “1 Kingdom” leadership team, and has been at all four Summits I’ve led the past two years. Norm, the Mayor, joined us last month for an evening of worship and intercession. This is real-deal kingdom community in the making: men, women, evangelicals, charismatics African-Americans, Hispanics, non- profits and marketplace movers and shakers advancing God’s kingdom. And with key leaders sitting in from Tucson, Lubbock and Waco, this is a movement with potential to multiply its influence.

This is one of the many stories I share in my new book, The Practitioner’s Guide: Building City Gospel Movements. I encourage you to pick one up, give it a read, then pass it on to a local pastor, business leader or intercessor keen on John 17 unity and collaboration. This is my core life message, bringing a balance of inspiration through story, and practical wisdom.


A couple of relevant chapters: “”City Church: Biblical? Achieveable?” and “Expanding Collaborative Partnerships in Your City.”

PRICE: $16 shipped, $30 for two. Send your order and mailing address to, and pay via the DONATE paypal button, or I’ll invoice you.

12th Annual Pacific NW City Impact Roundtable

Last week 135 leaders from around 20 city movements in Oregon, Washington and Idaho gathered at the Luis Palau Association in Beaverton, OR. This was one of our best yet in 12 years. Rick McKinley, pastor of Imago Dei in Portland brought some very convicting and impactful messages, mostly on the kind of Christlike character required for building a citywide movement. Portland continues to steward a model that mobilizes saints to both serve their communities (church/school partnerships, foster care, sex trafficking) and share the gospel.


Members of our Corvallis team engaged in a lot of meaningful dialogue, coming away with some fresh action steps to engage more folksin our congregations serving and reaching our community. We shared our story: having built a culture of praying for and sharing the gospel with unbelievers, we’re seeing the Spirit stir the hearts of foreign students at Oregon State University to search out the truths of the Bible, and seek to know who Jesus is.


A closing observation. At this years’s “PNW-CIR,” I was encouraged to watch teams of leaders from cities (Seattle, Portland, Spokane, Eugene, Sacramento, Longview- Kelso) process the Word of the Lord through Pastor Rick and the city stories, and ask, “What next step can we take to further grow John 17 unity and impact in our city?” From our meager beginnings 12 years ago with 20-25 faithful pioneers from a few cities in Oregon, Washington and Idaho, this is now a movement of God that is growing, maturing and bearing lasting fruit for His glory.

Thanks for your interest, intercession and investment. As we come up on the end of another year, please consider a gift to Frontline (you may give thru the DONATE button to the right).


Jan 10, Facilitate Internet Meeting, Global Urban Leadership Learning Community

Jan 23, City Leadership Consultation, Sacramento, CA

Jan 27-29  Leaders Prayer Summit, Eugene-Springfield, OR

Feb 3-6  Leaders Prayer Summit, “Church of the Valley,” OR

Feb 9  “Adoration” (citywide worship), Corvallis, OR (hosted by Calvary Corvallis, 6 PM)